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How to cite us

The services of The BP Bioinformatics Core is supported by National Core Facility for Biopharmaceuticals (NCFB), National Science and Technology Council (NSTC), since May. 2017. Many of the services had formally been supported ;by MOST Programs, i.e.,National Research Programs for Genomic Medicine (NRPGM), Taiwan, from year 2002. to Apr. 2011 and by NCFPB from May 2011 to April 2017. If these services contributed to your research, we appreciate that you make statements in the Acknowledgements section and cite the publication/URL of the customized data analysis services/tools/databases you used in Material and Methods section when you publish your work.


1. Acknowledgement

We welcome your recognition in the acknowledgements of your paper for any services you used, as follows:

We appreciate the support received from ________ Service at the TMBD Bioinformatics Core (http://www.tbi.org.tw), which is funded by the Bioinformatics Core Facility for Biotechnology and Pharmaceuticals.