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Coordination Center

The coordination center coordinates web portal services, customized services and education programs in this core, including making available analytical tools and databases on-line, establishing task forces within this core to provide customized services, and organizing symposiums, workshops and education programs.

Unit 1 : Functional genomics and translational medicine

The long-term objective of this unit is to provide the state-of-the-art bioinformatics services to investigators in the area of genetics, genomics and proteomics research. Our effort is concentrated on functional genomics and translational medicine. Unit 1 provides in-house developed databases and analytical tools of genomics and proteomics and customized data analysis in related areas.

A.On-line services and software

(1) PDA: Primer Design Assistant

(2) UPS: Unique Probe Selector

(3) hp-DPI: H. pylori Database of Protein Interactome

(4) Fly-DPI: Drosophila Database of Protein Interactome

(5) Hubba: Hub objects analyzer, a web-based service designed to explore the essential nodes in a network

(6) Cyto-Hubba

(7) HUNTER: hub-attachment based method to detect functional modules from confidence-scored protein interactions and expression profiles

(8) POWER: PhylOgenetic WEb Repeater

(9) PALM: Phylogenetic reconstruction by Automatic Likelihood Model selector


(11) CAPIH: Comparative Analysis of Protein Interactions for HIV-1

(12) CNVVdb: A database of Copy Number Variations across Vertebrate genomes

(13) MamPhEA: Mammalian Phenotype Enrichment Analysis

(14) AfterGenBank: Annotated-FeaTure ExtratoR from GenBank

(15) MyBLAST: a customized BLAST platform for genomics and proteomics with paralleled computing Standalone version

(16) ATIVS: Analytical Tool for Influenza Virus Surveillance

(17) GEOBLAST:identify similar profile of microbial by sequences in geographic BLAST

(18) MrBac:Metabolic network reconstructions tool for Bacteria

(19) GEMSiRV: A software platform for GEnome-scale Metabolic models Simulation, Reconstruction and Visualization.

(20) Spotlight: Identify protein complex from network

(21) PalPALM: Standalone Java-based phylogenetic pipeline in parallel computation

(22) ELN for Mac: Electronic Lab notebook for Mac

B.Customized services

(1) Array-based genomics studies data analysis

(2) Next generation sequencing data analysis

(3) Bioinformatic analysis of functional genomics

(4) Genetic studies data analysis

(5) Pharmacogenetics and pharmacogenomics data analyses and model prediction

(6) Viral bioinformatics data analysis

(7) Comparative genomics analysis

(8) Customized database development

(9) Clinical trial data management and statistical analyses

(10) Consultation