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Nucleotide Databases
Emerging evidence indicates that circRNAs exert a new layer of post-transcriptional regulation of gene expression [NYCU]
We constructed the CircNet database that provides the following resources: (i) novel circRNAs, (ii) integrated miRNA-target networks, (iii) expression profiles of circRNA isoforms, (iv) genomic annotations of circRNA isoforms (e.g. 282 948 exon positions), and (v) sequences of circRNA isoforms.
A database of circular RNAs derived from transcriptome sequencing data
A database of copy number variations across vertebrate genomes. [Sinica, NHRI]
CNVVdb is a web interface for identification of potential inter-species CNV information by finding duplicated regions within a genome (paralogues) and between different genomes (orthologues).
Gene-Based Repetitive Element Database  
Genome Profile Database [NTHU]
GPDB has been developed to provide and compare features of the fully sequenced organisms in a graphic and easy-reading way. We provide some "Genome Profile", develop on-line graphic browsing interface and use hierarchical clustering method to compare and view the difference between these organisms.
Biomarker identification of hepatocellular carcinoma using a methodical literature mining strategy.
Metasquare Database 1.0 for Metagenomics in 16s rRNA [Sinica, NHRI]
A Database of DNA Methylation and gene expression in Human Cancer
Genomic Maps for microRNA [NYCU]
MicroRNAs (miRNAs) are small noncoding RNA molecules, which are capable of negatively regulating gene expression to control many cellular mechanisms. In this work, we develop a resource, miRNAMap 2.0, to collect experimental verified microRNAs and experimental verified miRNA target genes in human, mouse, rat, and other metazoan genomes.

Database of microRNA Transcription Start Site


miRNA-target Interactions Database

Regulatory RNA Motifs and Elements Database [NYCU]
RegRNA is an integrated web server for identifying the homologs of Regulatory RNA motifs and elements against an input mRNA sequence. Both sequence homologs or structural homologs of regulatory RNA motifs can be identified.
Screening for low complexity DNA sequences and interspersed repeats Manual
SNP value-added database

Tumor Associated Gene Database

The Binding Element Searching Tool Manual
Protein Databases

Database of Anti-Microbial Peptides

Database of Protein Post-Translational Modifications

Database for plant metabolic pathways analysis

Drosophila Database of Protein Interactomes Manual
H. pylori Database of protein interactomes Manual

A website provides biomedical recognition function and corresponding datasets.


A liver cancer biomarker interactive curation system combining text mining and expert annotations


Database-assisted platform for discovering protein phosphorylation regulatory networks


This database serves as a research tool and an overview on variations of disease candidate genes [IASL]


Database-assisted platform for discovering protein ubiquitination regulatory networks

Structure Databases

A web application for annotating biomedical entities and relations [IASL]

Circular Permutation Database  
Disulfide Proteins Database
Structural Genomics Databases
Structural Genomics Databases of Helicobacter pylori  
Structural Genomics Databases of Klebsiella pneumoniae  
Structural Genomics Databases of Stenotrophomonas maltophili  
Structural Genomics Databases of Xanthomonas campestris