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Research and Development - 2003

  1. Influence of peptide conformation on oligosaccharide binding characteristics--a study using apamin-based chimeric peptide. C. W. Wu , G. Jayaraman , K. Y. Chien , Y. J. Liu , P. C. Lyu. Peptides. 24, 1853-1861 (2003).
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  6. Sun, H. S*., I-J. Su, Y-C. Lin, J–S. Chen, and S-Y. Fang. 200A 2.6Mb interval on Chromosome 6q25.2-q25.3 is commonly deleted in human nasal NK/T cell lymphoma. Brit J Haematology 122: 590-599.
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Research and Development - 2004

  1. 3D-QSAR Studies on PU3 Analogues by Comparative Molecular Field Analysis.Hong-Tsong Liu, Ping-Chiang Lyu, Max K. Long, Ging-Ho Hsiue, Bioorg. Med. Chem. Lett. 14, 731-734 (2004)
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Research and Development - 2005

  1. Chang, I.S., Hsiung, C.A., Wang, M.C. and Wen, C.C. (2005) An aymptotic theory for the non-parametric maximum likelihood estimate in the Cox-gene model. Bernoulli; 11:863-89
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Research and Development - 2006

  1. Wang, W.C., Chang, I.S., Chang, C.H., David Curb, Ho, L.T., Hsiung, C.A.(2006) “Incorporating Endophenotypes into Allele-Sharing Based Linkage Tests”. Genetic Epidemiology. 30:133-42
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Research and Development - 2007

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Research and Development - 2008

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Research and Development - 2009

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Research and Development - 2010

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