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 What's New

Comparative Analysis of Protein Interactions for HIV-1 [NHRI]

Circular Permutation Database [NTHU]

Protein Post-Translational Modification Database [NCTU]

Drosophila Database of Protein Interactomes [NHRI]

Genome Profile Database [NTHU]

H. pylori Database of protein interactomes [NHRI]

Structural Genomics Databases of Helicobacter pylori [NTHU]
Structural Genomics Databases of Klebsiella pneumoniae [NTHU]

Genomic Maps for microRNA [NCTU]

Database of microRNA Transcription Start Site [NCTU]

miRNA-target Interactions Database [NCTU]

Regulatory RNA Motifs and Elements Database [NCTU]

Screening for low complexity DNA sequences and interspersed repeats [mirror at NCKU]
Structural Genomics Databases of Stenotrophomonas maltophili [NTHU]

SNP value-added database [NCKU]

Disulfide Proteins Database [NCTU]

Tumor Associated Gene Database [NCKU]

The Binding Element Searching Tool [NCKU]

Taiwan Polymorphism Marker Database [NHRI]

Structural Genomics Databases of Xanthomonas campestris [NTHU]

A liver cancer biomarker interactive curation system combining text mining and expert annotations [IASL]

This database serves as a research tool and an overview on variations of disease candidate genes [IASL]

A web application for annotating biomedical entities and relations [IASL]

 Downloadable Analysis Tools

Software for two-channel cell-based RNAi data [NHRI]

A software platform for GEnome-scale Metabolic model Simulation, Reconstruction and Visualization, GEMSiRV

A software for contig Integrator for Sequence Assembly [NHRI]

An automated analysis tool for label-free quantitative proteomics [IASL]

An automated data analysis tool for multiplexed protein quantitation based on iTRAQ labeling method [IASL]

An automated quantitation tool, which utilizes XICs acquired from isotope labeling techniques for quantitation analysis [IASL]

An automated tool for glycopeptide identification and glycan composition determination [IASL]

 AnalysisTools Online

 - Homology & Similarity

BLAST Search at NCKU
BLAST against PDB protein databank at NTHU
BLAST against Motif/Domain database at NTHU
BLAST against customized database (the databases built by yourself) [NHRI, Sinica]

 - Sequence Analysis

Analysis Tools for Influzena Virus Surveillance [NHRI]
Retrive a small peptide fragment sequence from a collection of PDB sequences [NCTU]
Web-based Multiple Sequence Alignment [NTHU]
Deep-sequencing small RNA analysis pipeline [NTHU, CGU]
Identification and evolutionary analysis of novel exons and alternative splicing events [Sinica, NHRI]
A Web interface for visualizing ESTs [Sinica, NHRI]
Web-based gene prediction service [NTHU]
Predict phosphorylation sites within given protein sequences [NCTU]
Multiple Sequence Alignment with Constraints [NCTU]
Primer Design Assistant [NHRI]
A Comparative Method for Identification of Gene Structures and Alternatively Spliced Variants [Sinica, NHRI]
An information repository for mRNA alternative splicing in human genome [NCTU]
Identify conserved sequence elements associated to mRNA splicing [NCTU]
Unique Probe Selector [Sinica, NHRI]
Monitoring of human influenza variants
Identification of cytotoxic T lymphocyte epitopes for swine viruses

 - Comparative Genomics

Web tool for Mammalian Phenotype Enrichment Analysis [NHRI]
Drosophila phenotype enrichment analysis for insect functional genomics [NHRI]

 - Phylogenetic Analysis

Phylogenetic Web Repeater [NHRI]

 - Topology Prediction

Prediction of protein subcellular localization [NCTU]
pKNOT: the protein KNOT web server [NCTU]

 - Structural Analysis

Protein Structure Prediction Server [NCTU]
Protein structure search [NCTU]
Circular Permutation Search Aided by Ramachandran Sequential Transformation [NTHU]
Generic Evolutionary Method for molecular DOCKing [NCTU]
Integrated Service of Structure Similarity Search Aided by Ramachandran Sequential Transformation [NTHU]
Structure Alignment by Ramachandran Search Tool [NTHU]
Sequence Derived Structure Entropy [NCTU]
Structural Entropy Query [NCTU]
Melting Temperature Prediction : Predict thermal stability of proteins [NTHU]

 - Miscellaneous Tools

Annotated feature extractor from Genbank [Sinica, NHRI]
A Java plugin for Cytoscape [Sinica, NHRI]
European Molecular Biology Open Software Suite [NHRI]
Hub OBjects Analyser, a web-based service designed to explore the essential nodes in a network [Sinica, NHRI]
KEGG Pathway Search Tool [NTHU]
Reniforced Merging Algorithms [NTHU]